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Of Rural area.

About Us

U-Turn Group is a handicraft manufacturer, seller & exporter from Dhaka, Bangladesh. U-Turn Group means the village of artisans. Our products come from rural areas i.e. villages. So, the rural people get the direct benefits of these product manufacturing projects. Since the demand for Bangladeshi handicrafts is increasing, more creative people are coming to this profession, and more exclusive & innovative products are coming out. We also collect unique products from artisans & suppliers around the country.

Our common products are bag, Sital Pati (a kind of mattress having natural cooling effect), pottery, baskets, wall hanging, travel kit, toys, card, earrings, ashtray, carpet, embroidered quilt, bracelet, wood works, dresses, cushion, pillow-cover, bedspreads, woven cloth, silk product, traditional Jewelry, candles, terracotta, hand-made paper items, handloom etc. We use many environment-friendly raw materials such as wood, bamboo, straw, bread, stone, sea shell, coconut shell, brass, copper, leather, jute, cane, grass, natural fibers, natural dyes, etc.



U-Turn Group to be the leading handicrafts exporter of the country by expanding its market internationally and locally and thus extends support to the distressed artisan families for their socio-economic well beings.


Works with the rural artisans in order to foster their economic growth, build their capacity and confidence to advance their empowerment; and to promote their artisanship through paving their way towards access to finance and market.


To  achieving the vision and mission, the following organizational goals have been pursued by the company

1. To create income-generating opportunities for socially and economically deprived artisan families, drawing upon fair trade principles.

2. To make the target families and the respective producing groups self-reliant through ensuring the flow of income, encouraging savings, and enhancing skills.

3. To help sustaining inter-generational skills of craft making in order to preserve national heritage, historical and aesthetic importance.

4. To address gender issues and encourage women’s leadership among artisan communities and in broader communities.

5. To enhance skills of disadvantaged artisans by providing various skill development training to enable producers to earn a good income from their work.

6. To introduce savings and local resource mobilization schemes.

7. To promote producers’ welfare and household economic development, and put the principles of “fair trade” in practice.

8. Launching new and specialized products and ensuring customer satisfaction.

9. Ensuring sustained and significant growth in sales and profit.

10. Expanding the export market beyond Bangladesh;

11. To develop and design the products in accordance with changing taste and demands of the market.

Core Values

1. Welfare of Artisans

2. Assurance of quality

3. Fairness

4. Transparency

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