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Better Support and Care

Our commitment to producers

1. Interest-free advance payment with each order, for the procurement of raw materials.

2. Savings scheme for producers’ old age security.

3. Safe working environment and flexible working hours.

4. Healthcare.

5. Training for quality improvement and product development.

6. Incentives for production quantity and quality.

7. Rights to participate in pricing, product development, decision making of the organization’s activities.

8. Prompt payment.

9. Sampling distribution for the conservation of the environment.

10. Equal wages for women and men producers.

11. Gender focus on women.

Our strength

3 years experience in production and marketing.

Approximately 200 producer families with over 16,00 beneficiaries, working in 4 groups throughout Bangladesh.

Skilled producers with high production capacity.

An organization committed towards fair trade.

Environmentally-friendly products.

Highly professional quality control team

Modern warehouse facilities with moisture detector and moisture control system.

The regular process of product development.

Well equipped office with modern facilities of communication

A self-sustained organization without any external dependency.

35 regular buyers in Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific.

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